Yeti IT is committed to helping the residents of Grand County with their IT needs. If you have a problem Yeti IT will have one of their specialized Yeti Tech Engineers look into your technology issue. We can either work on your issue in your house, over the phone or at our Yeti IT Office. If you just want some advice or a free quote please give Yeti IT a call. If a Yeti Tech comes to you or we do remote support by remote controlling your computer we will bill by the hour at a rate of $75 an hour. We look forward to working with you today, tomorrow and for years to come.

Yeti IT services most of Grand County, Colorado. Our main support areas are Winter Park, Fraser, Tabernash, Granby, Grand Lake and Hot Sulfur Springs. If you are outside these areas, please call us to discuss options.

The services listed below are our most asked for services, but other options are available on an as needed basis. If we can't help you, we will do our best to refer you to a specialist that can assist you.

Repair Location
Computer Upgrade Conversion
If you buy a new Computer a Yeti Tech will help you moe your programs and data from your old computer to the new computer.
Yeti IT Office
Networking Setup and Troubleshooting
A Yeti Tech will come to you and setup a computer network that meets your needs and requirements.  If you have problems with your current network we will troubleshoot the issues and get you running at top speeds again.
$75 Per Hour + parts
Printer Setup or Troubleshooting
A Yeti Tech will com to your location and help you setup your printer or troubleshoot your printer issues
$75 Per Hour + Parts
Operating System install
Want to upgrade the operating system on your computer to a newer version, but you don't have the time or know how to do it.  Let a Yeti Tech do it for you.  We will even back up your files, so if the upgrade doesn't go as planned we still have all your vital information.
Yeti IT Office
Computer Clean and Tune
Cleanup viruses, spyware, malware or anything else that might be slowing down your computer.  After completing the clean and tune it will run like it is straight out of the box.
Yeti IT Office
Computer Hardware Install
Want to install more RAM or maybe another ice of hardware like a hard drive, video card, wireless network card, etc.  Call a Yeti Tech and we will do it for you.
Yeti IT Office
Email Setup
Are you technology challenged.  That isn't a problem a Yeti Tech can help you with this and setup your email for you.  Weather is is a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone and we can assist you with this on any operating system that supports email.
On-site or Remote
Technology Training
Are you afraid of Technology devices?  Are you want to learn more about technology for possible a career?  Then this is the perfect option for you.  Just schedule a time with a yeti Tech and we will pass our knowledge to you.
$75 Per Hour
Yeti IT Office or On-Site
On-Site Support
If you need assistance from a Yeti Tech and your problem isn't in our services.  Just call us and we will schedule a time for us to come and fix your problem.
$75 Per Hour
Remote Support
We have the ability to help you remotely.  We can access your computer across the internet and troubleshoot your issues without even leaving our Yeti IT office and you don't have to leave your house.  This option is perfect for those cold snowy winter days when it isn't safe to drive.
$75 Per Hour

Please call for all your computer, network and data needs!

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